Ash Nicole* (nnedofluvn) wrote,
Ash Nicole*


"I called you bitter cause now every man you meet is gonna have to pay for what he did"
"and im not bitter.. i'm mad as hell"

"I used to believe in fairy tales.. I don't anymore"

"It's so easy to say no out of fear. For once take the hard road and say yes"

"anytime you wanna give into that fear you let our love outweigh it"

i know you dont believe in fairy tales. but if you did i'd want to be your knight in shinning armor. youve been through so much. i dont wanna see you hurt anymore. and i may not be able to give you all that youre used to but i know that i can love you past all your pain i dont want you to worry about anything just wake up in the morning and i'll take it from there. theres one condition, you have to be my wife.

"this is for every black woman thats ever had a problem with a black man"

i gave you life even though you took it from me. i wanted children and had you not been with those whores we would have them. you got me all stressed out my hair fallin out my weight up and down cant keep anything down two miscarriages. you took like from me and you never even said im sorry. i'm gonna let you sit here for a few days and let you think about what i've said.
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